Residency Program for Investors Qualified

Panamá will always be the best place to invest

Permanent residency can be obtained through the Panama Resident Program, under Decree 722 of October 15, 2020.

It is arguably the best program in Central America that allows foreigners to acquire an immigration permit through real estate investments.

By investing $300,000 you can enjoy a lifetime of benefits.
Obtaining the Panama Resident program card takes only one month. 

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Why to invest in Panamá?

• Dollarized economy.
• Panama Canal.
• Hub of the Americas.
• Tax incentives.
• Consolidated democracy that guarantees legal certainty.
• Leader in economic growth in the region.
• Quality of life, absence of social conflicts.
• Panama has the first hospital in Central America to be affiliated with Johns Hopkins Medicine International.
• Panama's Multinational Enterprises Headquarters (SEM), which houses more than 150 companies.
• Investing in real estate always provides easy access to liquidity in case you want to look for another investment option in the future.
• Guaranteed capital gain.
• Due to its geographical location, Panama is not affected by hurricanes, earthquakes or any other natural phenomenon.
• More than 90 direct flights.


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